Target Applications

OEM Product Innovator

Ready-made for connected devices

If you want to create hardware products with sensors, or actuators, or input/output of image or audio, and would need a digital controller solution that will minimize your time-to-market as well as being energy and cost efficient, then you should take a look at the links below. The compact Imsys computer modules have a bundled software platform that includes wired or wireless Internet communication and offers a Java environment for your application software. Typical applications include: Industrial automation (DCS, PLC, SCADA, M2M,…), retail automation (POS, vending machines, digital signage,…), building and home automation (HVAC, security, metering,…), health and wellness monitoring, telematics, office appliances, agriculture, infrastructure. More information is available under Technology and Products.

Networked devices

Imsys processors and modules have been designed into equipment for

  • Industry automation
  • Building automation
  • Retail automation
  • Medical electronics
  • Security systems
  • Vehicle telematics, navigation
  • Communication systems
  • Defence electronics
  • Office  equipment (scanninng/printing/display)
  • Image compression/decompression
  • Graphic control panels
  • Projectors
  • Traffic control systems
  • Dataloggers
  • Utility metering
  • Precise timing synchronization

The majority of applications so far have used Ethernet for network communication. Focus for the future is on the growing market of Internet of Things, where wireless communication will be more common. The high energy efficiency of the Imsys processor is an important advantage in these applications.