Interfaces and on-chip peripherals


One MII or two RMII interfaces to 10/100Base-T Ethernet

Three serial ports (3.3V levels, 4-wire, 920

I2C and SPI

8-bit parallel data bus, High I/O bandwidth
(>660 Mbits/s DMA)

8 to 53 General-purpose digital I/O ports, some
with timer connections

Programmable clock output

Ten analog inputs, single-rail or differential,
optional external reference

Two analog outputs 

SDRAM, 167MHz, 8bit wide

Serial or parallel flash

Interface for Imsys JTAG Trace Adapter

Battery input for RTC

1.8V regulator output

3.3V supply input, 1.8V core supply input (can
be driven by internal regulator output)

On-chip Peripherals

10/100Base-T Ethernet MAC with one output and
two input ports

Three UARTs

Real time clock with 3V battery input

Eight timers with advanced features (PWM,
capture, counting, etc) and wide range

Watchdog timer

A/D 16-bit 44 ksps sigmadelta converter with
eight channel input mux

Two D/A 16-bit 44ksps sigmadelta converters
with switched capacitor filters

on-chip blocks

Oscillator, PLL

Trace memory

3.3V regulator

Power-on reset