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SNCL-H-8-8  SNAP Classic Module   $165.00 

Product description

Simple Network Application Platform

SNAP Classic is a network-ready, Java-powered plug & play reference platform. It is ideal for remote control, data processing and managing of everything from small sensors to advanced factory equipment. The JavaME-CLDC runtime environment, certified by Sun Microsystems, speeds up and simplifies your software development. The stand-alone architecture makes it perfect for quick prototyping and for production when time to market is critical.

The SNAP Classic is RoHS compliant

Simple – Easy to use! No special software required for programming SNAP Classic. Use standard Java tools

Network – Supports a wide range of interfaces and network protocols

Application – Perfect for high performance embedded applications

Platform – Complete reference system on a board

Standard form factor

The 72 pin SIMM form factor plugs into most TINI™ pin compatible socket boards.

Standard Java

SNAP Classic offers easy access to the underlying hardware through a well defined Java API.

Standard development tools

The use of standard development tools enables a quick start.

Plug & play

Shell features provides easy development over Ethernet using Telnet and FTP.

High performance

SNAP Classic offers native Java execution and efficient I/O, with DMA for maximum throughput.

Multiple interfaces

Includes 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, triple RS-232 serial ports, dual 1-Wire® interface, general purpose I/O ports, high speed I2C and CAN.

Public design

The open and free reference design provides easy integration of SNAP Classic functionality into customized systems.

Optional IDE

Imsys Developer is an optional tool for those designers requiring closer access to the SNAP Classic hardware.


  • Plugs into most TINI™ Simm72 sockets
  • Standard power supply 5V
  • Low power 3.3V design, on-board 3.3V regulator
  • 72 pin SIMM board, 31.8 mm x 102.9 mm
  • Connector for optional debug interface
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • 3x UARTS:
  • 1x RS232, 115.2 kbit/s
  • 2x TTL, 115.2/460.8 kbit/s
  • 1-Wire® net interfaces
  • CAN controller
  • I2C, High speed 3.4 Mbit/s
  • General-purpose digital I/O
  • Parallel bus interface for system expansion
  • 8 Mbyte flash memory
  • 8 Mbyte DRAM
  • Real time clock and calendar
  • RoHS compliant


  • J2ME CLDC, certified by Sun Micro Systems
  • javax.comm
  • Subset of com.dalsemi.
  • Unlimited # of threads (to max heap size)
  • TCP/IP stack

Development Tools

  • Works with standard Java development tools, together with the latest SNAP Classic firmware package, including the complete build environment.
  • Optional: Imsys Developer IDE, available for:
    • Java, C and Assembler Debugger
    • KNI (K Native Interface)
    • Program Execution Simulation

SNAP Classic FAQ

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  • SNCL-H-8-8 SNAP Classic Module, RoHS, SIMM72 connector, 8MB DRAM, 8 MB flash

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