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Product ID  Quantity  Unit price 
SNFX-8-8-P-C  1+   $99.00 
SNFX-8-8-P-C  50+   $95.00 
SNFX-8-8-P-C  100+   $92.00 
SNFX-8-8-P-C  300+   $89.00 
SNFX-32-8-P-I  1+   $176.00 
SNFX-32-8-P-I  25+   $149.00 
SNFX-32-8-P-I  50+   $129.00 
SNFX-32-8-P-I  100+   $119.00 
SNFX-32-8-P-I  300+   $109.00 

Suffixes -C and -I in the Product ID indicates temperature ranges
Commercial (0..+70 °C) and Industrial (-40..+85 °C), respectively.

Product description

SNAP FX-32/8 Processor Module

The SNAP FX represents a new form factor for modules from Imsys. Containing one of the IM3000-family of microcontrollers from Imsys, the module is a reference design for how an efficient embedded system could be designed. If offers OEM customers a basis for evaluation of the Imsys’ platform for embedded control and enables the building of functional prototypes and development of application software.

With its very small footprint and 100-signal connector this production quality level product can also be used in final customer products.

The use of this module constitutes a low-risk development starting point. The module offers full access to all I/O interfaces of the processor. The module contains SDRAM and serial flash. Using the module, the customer PCB can be a low-density 2-layer board. The S20 socket board from Imsys is one example of this. The SNAP FX printed circuit board design can also be used as a reference for optimized customer PCB designs (schematics etc are included in the documentation).

Key features

  • Velox on Mezzanine module
  • 8 or 32 MB SDRAM
  • 8 MB flash memory
  • RTC (with battery backup via connector)
  • Efficient 3.3 V switching power supply regulator, 4.5-25V input, can drive 150 mA external load
  • Rugged FX10A connector
  • RoHS compliant
  • 25.4 x 45.0 mm


The available peripheral interfaces vary with the specific member of the IM3000 series microcontroller with which the module is equipped, but can include:

  • Two Ethernet channels, for direct connection to MII or RMII PHY’s
  • Three asynchronous serial ports
  • I2C and SPI generic serial interface buses
  • High-speed DMA-supported I/O bus, and generic 8-bit data interface

Block diagram

*) The processor IM3000 is in this module using the firmware profile IM3910.


High-efficiency Controller for Networked Equipment – Plug-In Module.

  • SNFX-8-8-P-C Velox based system complete with 8MB SDRAM and 8MB flash memory
  • SNFX-32-8-P-I Velox based system complete with 32MB SDRAM and 8MB flash memory

Imsys may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice.