Leaner is Meaner

Unique and lean technology that enables multi-functions in one device


The Unique and Lean Microprogrammable

Cost-effective flexibility with maximum energy efficiency



A lean multipurpose display module and IoT development platform


The Company that
Thinks Lean

What are the benefits of lean technology in your market?


Processor Components

When it comes to efficiency and flexibility, Imsys sets the standard with unique and lean microprogrammable processors that enable multi-functions in one device.

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For minimizing time to market, our small and cost-efficient computer-on-modules offer a powerful solution for original equipment manufacturers.

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Multipurpose Modules

Imsys offers a number of efficient and flexible multipurpose modules that are ideal for developing prototypes and performing a range of application-specific tasks.

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Development Kits

Imsys development kits are a smart solution for developing energy-efficient embedded applications – especially if Java is central to the design.

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What Does It Mean to Think Lean?

Lean technology

New Opportunities in the Internet of Things

The IoT market

EMBLA: Multipurpose Display Module and IoT Development Kit


The Imsys advantage

High-End Projectors


Thanks to Imsys lean technology, ultra-high resolution projectors can create immersive visual experiences with reliable performance and efficiency.

Gas Detectors


Laser gas analyzers depend on Imsys modules to secure safety and operational performance in applications across many industries.

VSAT Communication


Imsys keeps energy consumption and costs low for portable VSAT systems used in challenging and dangerous situations.



Around the world, hearing loss is a growing problem. Imsys is pioneering new solutions to increase the availability of critical hearing aid technology.

The Power of Lean

Leaner size
Leaner energy consumption
Leaner cost