Our Business Model

Imsys supplies MCUs, microcontroller units, and modules to original equipment and design manufacturers as well as application developers. Our customers represent a wide array of different industries and areas of technology, and today Imsys technology can be found in all types of devices in every corner of the globe.

We work closely with customers to develop tailor-made solutions that minimize risk as well as time to market. Imsys modules come complete with firmware and require no prior knowledge of the processor or operation system, meaning they can be implemented quickly and easily. Our extensive experience with Java-based embedded control and other high-level languages provides customers with the support to concentrate on their specific applications.

Maintaining a complex business ecosystem is a significant, ongoing effort, which is why Imsys has a dedicated team focused on writing and adapting software for our processors, ISAs, emulators, compilers, and more. They can provide assistance for critical tasks such as microprogramming where comprehensive software expertise is required. We also offer total support during constraint-driven software partitioning processes, helping customers maximize hardware utilization by allocating functions to high or low level software implementations.

In addition to our MCUs and modules, Imsys can provide processors and IP cores to semiconductor vendors as well as foundries and EDA companies. For demanding volume applications, these can also be optimized according to customer-specific needs.

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