Lean Technology in
Critical Applications

Today our products can be found inside devices on every continent except Antarctica, and our customers represent a diverse array of businesses and industries. Here are just a few examples of applications where our lean technology is creating new business possibilities.

High-end Projectors

Today’s high-end projectors are used to create elaborate, fully immersive visual experiences in everything from scientific presentations to enormous entertainment venues. In addition to providing ultra-high resolution image quality and superior lumen performance, these devices need to ensure reliable color accuracy and black levels, especially when used for tiling, blending, or other matching applications.

Based in the United Kingdom, Digital Projection is a manufacturer of high-performance projectors capable of providing resolutions of 4096 x 2160 pixels through 27,000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination. Imsys’ IM3000 processor and Velox module are used in the Digital Projection Insight 4K for set-up and external interfaces, thermal management, control routing and more.

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Gas Detectors

Laser gas analyzers play an important role in securing safety and operational performance in many applications, including in the chemical and metal industries, in waste facilities and power plants, in glass and PVC production, and much more. They rely on non-contact optical measurement methods to detect for temperature variations, high dust levels, or corrosive gases in process conditions.

One such product is the Lasergas II, produced by NEO Monitors and featuring two versions of the Imsys SNAP controller module. Lasergas II is an analyzer with low total cost of ownership that is suitable for a wide range of process conditions. It offers one-second response time with very low detection limits and comes with Ethernet connectivity.

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VSAT Communication

VSAT technology is frequently used in challenging and often dangerous situations. Portable satellite communication systems have an especially pressing set of demands. They must be lightweight and rugged, reliable, easy to deploy, and able to operate for long periods on a single battery charge.

The AN/PRS-11 is a Suitcase Portable Receive Suite (SPRS) featuring the Imsys SNAP FX controller module. Developed by AQYR in conjunction with The United States Special Operation Forces, AN/PRS-11 was designed to provide a compact, lightweight VSAT solution that could be easily carried by one person and withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions.

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Component Testers

Nordic Electronic Partner (NEP) is a company with extensive experience in production development and testing of robust electronics. They focus on providing cost-effective and efficient solutions as well as working with customers to help reduce the environmental impact of their products.

Through a close collaboration with Imsys, NEP has developed a new electromechanical component tester using the revolutionary new Imsys EMBLA multipurpose display module as the control platform. EMBLA’s inherent multifunctionality and easy programming in Java, along with the various interface options and ability for advanced graphics presentation, made the module a perfect choice as the control/steering panel for NEP’s tester.