Our History

Founded in 1981, Imsys has long pioneered unique and efficient new uses for microprocessor technology in the market. The earliest versions of our processors were used in data terminal systems as well as office computers, before being adapted for use with scanner controllers and document image processing systems. In the 1990s, Imsys played a role in developing new technology to greatly reduce the cost and increase the functionality of laser printer controllers.

Imsys has been deeply involved in Java-based development since the introduction of the programming language, with our IM1000 microprocessors being used as embedded Java platforms for cellular communications already in the late 1990s. In the early 2000s, Imsys launched the Simple Network Application Platform – SNAP – which continues to occupy an important niche in the market for embedded control through the use of Java and TCP/IP connectivity.

Building on these developments, we released the third-generation IM3000 processor, enabling integrated peripheral functions, as well as providing 5x the speed and 10x the efficiency. We have since successfully verified a 65nm variant of this technology, now available as a platform for new applications and customer-specific processes.

As the market has shifted, Imsys lean technology has provided a perfect fit for meeting complex challenges in the rapidly growing Internet of Things, thanks to the ability to support soft-reconfigurable functions in microcode. As the future of computing and connectivity continues to develop, we will keep providing new and unique solutions that combine flexible performance with unrivalled efficiency.