Introducing Imsys EMBLA

By april 7, 2018 No Comments

Imsys is excited to announce the launch of EMBLA: a multipurpose display module and IoT development platform. A fast track to embedded systems, EMBLA is:

  • a development platform that offers a flexible migration path for high volume applications.
  • a complete embedded system for new products.
  • a display peripheral for legacy systems.

Imsys EMBLA is suitable for industrial applications as well as battery-powered IoT applications, and it can be tailored to your specific needs – by Imsys or your own design team. Examples of customizations include:

  • Battery efficiency through a code optimization process
  • Adapted formfactor
  • Screen selection – none, 4.3 or 7 inch screen
  • Choice of RF communication and I/Os

Develop your application on EMBLA and use the production-ready reference design for initial production. If desired, Imsys offers assistance in adapting I/O boards according to your specifications, from design to production. Embla baseboards can also be used as standalone micro controllers with a display interface, SD-card reader and I/O through the 80-pins mezzanine connector – enabling a unique customer solution adapted for specific requirements.

Imsys EMBLA generates high bandwidth graphics and audio, while running an application programmed in Java. For high-volume applications, Imsys can provide optimized integration solutions all the way to IP, reducing unit cost while using the same application code.

Download our press release to learn more about EMBLA and our development work with Norrtälje Elektronikpartner, or read about Imsys EMBLA here.