Meet the new Imsys

By april 5, 2018 No Comments

At Imsys, we believe that leaner is meaner. Our lean technology has long offered customers a balance of cost-effective flexibility and energy efficiency to help them get the advantage in a competitive market.

But the market continues to change. In the ever-growing Internet of Things, new demands are creating new possibilities for Imsys solutions. Our unique and lean microprocessor technology with microprogrammable functionality is a perfect match for a wide range of IoT applications where low cost and low energy consumption is a must.

As the market evolves, we must evolve along with it. That is why we are thrilled to debut the new Imsys design with a more user-friendly website to match. We invite you to discover the leaner, meaner look of Imsys. Explore these pages and learn more about why our technology presents unique solutions to the challenges of today – and tomorrow.

You can also meet the new Imsys in person by visiting our booth C03:01 at the Scandinavian Electronics Event (S.E.E.), April 24 to 26 at the Kista Convention Center, outside of Stockholm, Sweden.