Imsys Multipurpose Modules

Imsys offers a number of efficient and flexible multipurpose modules that ensure efficient performance in a broad spectrum of applications. Manufactured with production-level specifications, they can be used as reference designs for developing high-quality prototypes as well as in end-user products. EMBLA, our latest multipurpose solution, is a revolutionary lean display module that is also ideal for use as a development platform in the Internet of Things.


Imsys SNAP FX is a multipurpose plug-in computer module. Built on Imsys lean microprocessor technology, it’s a smart reference design solution for developing functional prototypes and application software.

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Imsys SNAP Classic

The classic Simple Network Application Platform (SNAP) module is Imsys’ multipurpose plug-in replacement for Dallas TINI and is a network-ready, Java-powered reference platform.

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A multipurpose display module and IoT development platform, EMBLA is capable of generating high-bandwidth graphics and high-quality stereo audio, while running applications programmed in Java.

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