The IoT Market

In the last 40 years of microprocessor development, much has changed, but the focus has always remained the same: creating smaller devices with increased speed, memory, and power. 16-bit became 32-bit, which gave way to today’s 64-bit multi-core processors. The dominant paradigm has always been that more is more.

But needs are changing. Today it’s not just high-speed computers and smart phones. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become the center of the internet, with microprocessors going into everything from smartcards to lightbulbs.

Today’s IoT applications represent a range of market segments including automotive and consumer appliances as well as industrial solutions and medical wearables such as hearing aids. Current forecasts show that by 2035, the number of new devices connected in the IoT each year will grow to more than 275 billion worldwide. Each and every one of those devices will require their own processor.

Unfortunately, today’s multi-core technology is too bulky for this rapidly growing market. Most modern processors are too expensive for use in such a wide number of everyday devices. And their vast computing power – once a plus – requires too much energy to work efficiently in IoT applications. More has become less.

With the arrival of the IoT and the proliferation of data across networks, deep learning enables faster iteration of new data sources and the ability to use them without intimate knowledge. With a deep-learning approach, the designer’s main focus is to define the neural network’s core architecture. The network must be simultaneously large enough to have capacity for optimal computation, but simple enough that available processing resources aren’t overloaded.

That’s where Imsys comes in. Our lean technology is the market’s only solution that can offer both the high-efficiency performance and cost-effective flexibility demanded in the Internet of Things. Imsys’ pioneering microprogrammable functionality makes it possible to create an architecture perfectly suited to the intended IoT application, with dynamic and reconfigurable specialized functions. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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